We believe that demand and trust are essential to establish a good, healthy and sustainable working relationship. We invite you to read our commitment charter so that we can expand together and capitalise on our exchanges.


Article 1 : Our first commitment is that of result. Control, advice, treatment: we work to guarantee you the desire result at all levels of our action plan.

Article 2 : Committing to you is placing our work discipline at your service. We undertake to listen to you and satisfy your needs throughout our time working together through our customer monitoring service.

Article 3 : The environment and the economy are demanding and changing areas. We undertake to change on a daily basis to respond to their challenges in the best possible way through training sessions.

Article 4 : Our challenges and work rely on the well-being of the men and women in our company. For this reason we undertake to ensure the best possible working conditions for all our employees.

Article 5 : We undertake to re-use all available resources on the sites to limit the impact on the economy and the environment, as these are the major challenges in our business.