The economy and ecology are the two major challenges in our business. They move us forwards and inspire us every day. Being aware of and understanding their balance and interactions is understanding our work.


The aim of our sludge recycling mission is to reduce the volume of waste.

In reality, we reduce the volume of your sludge by a factor of 4 to 10 depending on the type of sludge to be treated. Our objective is based on the fact that the state of waste is only one step in a resource optimisation process, to obtain ultimately true savings and impose this green economy on growth.

The challenge is therefore to introduce reasoned expenditure, to ensure an added value and significant throughput which positions the ecological economy as such.


Our core business lies in managing resources intelligently to preserve the environmental balance.

We take this mission on ourselves, to serve the interests of all as best we can. We therefore offer concrete solutions following a rigorous work protocol.

The challenge is to create an economy which cultivates and respects the ecology. Protecting our environment is also protecting our economy.