Treating your sludge

The sludge recycling process reduces the volume of residues, optimises costs and ensures true recycling. But to guarantee you the best possible throughput, we combine it with two services developed to handle all your sludge residues.

Sludge re-orientation.

Once treated, the sludge can be recycled in a variety of ways:

  • - Farming,
  • - Biomass (energy),
  • - Material (building and public works).

Water management is also considered:

  • - Flow management (taking the loading at the plant inlet into account),
  • - Treatment, re-use,recycling of water before re-integration in our processes (filtration, settling, flotation).

Lastly, our operations centre provides logistical management for products obtained after dewatering. Environmental and economic criteria are used in the selection of partner industrialists for this recycling (price, compliance with rules and procedures, geographical proximity, etc.).

Training teams and support

We can train your teams for inclusion in your treatment project. We are there to listen to and support you throughout the process.